How to Get Your Loved One Out of Jail

How to Get Your Loved One Out of Jail

Hire a licensed bail agent who serves Goshen, Monticello and Middletown, NY

Is your loved one being held at a county jail? If so, our licensed bail agent can help bring them home. Binder Bail Bonds serves Goshen, Monticello and Middletown, NY and the surrounding area.

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Initial consultations are free

If your loved one has been arrested, a judge will set their bail amount based on the crime your loved one is accused of committing. You can free your loved one by purchasing a bail bond.

During your consultation, we can tell you...

  • What kinds of documents you'll need to bring to our office
  • How much money you must pay upfront
  • What will happen if your loved one doesn't appear in court

Contact us today to set up a meeting with a licensed bail agent.

Posting bail is a right, not a privilege

You have a legal right to post bail, so take advantage of it. Don't put your life on hold due to an unfortunate mistake. With the help of our bail bond company, we can post bail for you as proof to the court that you'll show up for your trial.

Our licensed bail agents can provide:

  • Surety bonds
  • Out-of-custody bonds
  • Federal bonds

Our bail bondsman will make posting bail as easy as possible. Contact us now to request bail bond services in Goshen, Monticello or Middletown, NY.